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Meet your fellow adventurers



Owner of Sangomar Kayak Palmarin Senegal Sine
Pierre Sarr
Owner, ecological guide and all around inspiration behind Sangomar Kayak

Pierre started Sangomar Kayak in 2007. Ever since then he has shared with visitors the nature and culture of his native Senegal. When not guiding tours, Pierre works on ecological restoration projects protecting Palmarin from erosion and the effects of deforestation.

Sangomar Kayak Palmarin Senegal Sine Saloum
Chris Murphy
US liaison and marketing assistant

Serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Palmarin (2008-2011), Chris fell in love with the place and its people. Today he works to promote the many wonders Senegal has to offer to fellow adventurers.

Sangomar Kayak Palmarin Senegal Sine Saloum
Angélique Delaveau
 Director of development

Angelique, a seasoned globetrottter, is in charge of developing the ever growing tour offerings of Sangomar Kayak and its associated agencies. Keep an eye out for new trips and adventures coming all the time.

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