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Find the fun that suits you. You may just be surprised at all we have to show you!


Although our internationally known kayak tour is our bread and butter, we do so much more. We do it all, from day trips through the mangroves, overnight camping in the Sine Saloum, cultural expeditions through the community, even hyena watching. And best of all we want to share it all with you! We are your experts for exploring Palmarin and the Sine Saloum.

Sangomar Kayak Palmarin Senegal
Kayaking the Sine Saloum Delta


If you enjoy taking in nature then this is the trip for you. In addition to exceptional bird watching we often see monitors lizards, monkeys and on rare occasions, elusive nocturnal mammals that call the delta home.


Trips can be catered to your preference and organized as day drips, to include lunch included or even overnight camping.


Every trip makes a stop at our secret hideaway, but don't tell anyone. It's a secret ;)



Sangomar Kayak Nature Walk Sine Saloum Palmarin Senegal
Nature Walk through the Mangroves


If you prefer the feel of mud between your toes to a paddle in your hands then a nature walk through the mangroves is just for you.


Taking in the Sine-Saloum delta on foot offers a great way to touch and feel everything around you. Get a close up view the areas local flora and fauna and perhaps even plant a few mangroves as you go.

Sangomar Kayak Nature Walk Sine Saloum Palmarin Senegal
Explore the Islands of the Sine Salum Delta


The Sine Saloum Delta is packed with islands. From sand bars known only to the avian life that nest there, to the culturally rich islands inhabited by the Seereer people, there is plenty to see and experience.


Sangomar Kayak can organize a rich experience for you and your group. We can also help arrange transfers from one part of the delta to another if you have places you need to get to.

Sangomar Kayak Sine Saloum Palmarin Senegal
Cultural Activities


If you've come to the Sine Saloum for not just the nature but its culture as well, you won't be disappointed. The Seereer people who make up the majority of the region have a rich and vibrant culture.


Be sure to ask about the cultural activities going on during your visit such as traditional wrestling events. If you are interested in taking a little bit of cultural knowledge with you, be sure to ask about arranging a lesson in traditional dance, drumming, fishing and more.

Hyena Watching


In Palmarin, lives a resident pack of hyenas. The animals although shy, make a habit of being punctual and generally like to keep their regular evening routine. Thankfully this makes viewing them pretty easy (although not a guarantee)


Let us know if you are interested in hyena viewing in the evening hours and we'll arrange a tour through the reserve.

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